What do you get when you take functional, pretty design, the mission to create an amazing user experience and mix it with a no-holds-barred, go big or go home, some rules are meant to be broken kind of attitude? You get a Wildcard.

Wildcard Media started off as a business and quickly became a way of life. I don’t believe in subscribing to the same old beliefs that have been around longer than the Internet itself. I believe buttons are meant to be pushed, rules are meant to be broken and that sometimes, you just have to say to hell with what everyone else is doing and pave your own path.

I believe that you have a special gift that is meant to be shared with the world and that everything you need to succeed is already inside of you– you just need to coax it out.

I also believe that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all, standard-issue recipe for success. You’re creating your own business for a reason, and that means that you get to do it your way.

When I started Wildcard Media in 2015, I had literally no clue what I was getting into. I had just lost my job and despite all things logical and sound, I decided to give starting my own business a try.

I found myself in a world of complete overwhelm. There were so many things to do just to get started, and while I was very fortunate to be able to do so many of the things on my own, it still felt like I was barely staying afloat. Everywhere I turned, I found new advice for what I should be doing, conflicting information on what not to do, and it seemed like every guru and mentor took me in yet another direction.

Eventually I realized that if I was going to make this work, I had to do it on my own terms. I had to play to my own strengths (design, development, art, writing and working with people) and not waste so much time developing the things that I’m not so good at (pretty much everything else). And it felt… good. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere and I was doing it in a way that felt true to my personality. I wasn’t relying on sleazy sales tactics or pushy systems— I was having genuine conversations with other business owners, providing helpful answers to the questions they asked and I was getting clients without even trying.

The realization that I could build a successful business, meet new people who shared the same goals and not have to sell my soul or sellout gave me a new mission in life. Not only do I want help you shine by giving you gorgeous visuals to showcase your gifts, I also want to be the person to help you navigate the bipolar-coaster that is Entrepreneurship. I want to help you love what you do, do it successfully and do it in your own unique way.

First off, I want to say that I am totally psyched that you want to learn more about me. I’ve assembled my most Frequently Asked Questions below. And if your question isn’t on the list? Head on over to my Contact page and ask away, or hit up my calendar to schedule a real-time chat session.

So, what's up with Gigi Lynne?

Well, my parental-given, government-document-listed name is Angela Lynne Fazikas.  However, when I was still in high school, my lovely niece Hannah was born and christened me as Gigi.  You’ve likely never met my niece, but if you have then you know she has an amazing, hypnotic, spell-binding power over pretty much all of us so when she says something, it sticks.  The next thing I knew, all of my loved ones starting calling me Gigi and it’s still going strong 16+ years later.

Where did you go to school?

I am a proud 2004 graduate of the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I received my degree in Interactive Media & Web Design.

I’m also a continuing student at the school of life. While I learned a great deal during my time at AIP, nothing prepared me for the real world as much as plunging into the real world did.

Where have you worked?

Prior to graduating from the Art Institute, I did freelance work for various local businesses and artists in the Pittsburgh area.  I also interned at KeyGroup, a leadership organization dedicated to helping women in business.

Immediately after graduating, I spent nearly 9 years at GXF Design, a small marketing firm that catered to big organizations, including Kennedy Space Center, SeaWorld and Lucas Films, just to name a few.

After GXF, I worked as a social media manager at Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort, a sister property of the Eldorado Resorts Inc gaming family, where I exceeded nearly all of the goals I had set for myself within the position: driving Mountaineer to the top of their heavily competitive comp set across all of their social media platforms, creating revenue-driving online and email advertising campaigns and planning and organizing new online and floor promotions to bring new guests onto the property.

I'm more of a DIY type. Do you provide training?

Hello, fellow DIY’er!  Yes, I frequently do real-time, online trainings both one-on-one and in group settings. Subjects include but aren’t limited to: Email marketing systems, Campaign set-up, Social Media Advertising, WordPress set-up and Maintenance and more.  If you’re interested in scheduling a live training for you or your team, please visit my Work with Wildcard page to request more info.

Will you manage my social media?

Prior to Wildcard’s rebranding, Social Media Management was offered. However, now it has gone away and my reasoning is this– I believe that your audience wants to talk with you.  And while I can certainly manage your social media, I feel that there’s no better learning experience than engaging with your audience one-on-one.

That being said, I do create custom social media calendars, do strategy sessions and create social media graphics that you can use on your various social media channels.  If that’s something you’re interested in, hit up my Work with Wildcard page to request more info.

Will you participate in my podcast/blog/telesummit/course?

I absolutely love collaboration and I feel that we accomplish so much more when we work with others.  So, there’s an excellent chance that I’d love to participate in whatever you have going on.  Head on over to my Contact page and tell me more about it! 🙂