Why You need to Leverage on Google’s “About This Result” Update

Why You need to Leverage on Google's "About This Result" Update

Google introduced the “About This Result” tab in 2021, allowing users to examine their sources of information. After a few months, Google updated the function that explains search results.

The latest Google search results upgrade is aimed at helping your target audience locate credible sources and relevant information, but it also helps brands and enterprises gain online exposure.

This blog article explores this new feature, how it fits into Google’s media literacy initiative, and how it affects your search engine positioning as it becomes a major part of top SEO companies in Australia. Google Search is a product, so it’s easy to see why it’s updated frequently. Google is continually finding ways to improve the user experience (UX), including helping searchers choose trusted websites.

About This Result, released in February on desktop, mobile web, and the Android Google App, serves this purpose. Most search results have this menu symbol.

Why You need to Leverage on Google's "About This Result" Update

This SERP update includes:

  • Domain description: Provides information about a website or page based on Wikipedia entries.
  • Google site index information: provides context if no Wikipedia description is available.
  • Google explains how it gathered job postings and other structured data.
  • Secure domain confirmation indicates whether a site uses HTTPS, a basic web security technique.

Updated Features

Google just included “Your search & this result,” a feature that explains how a search result was ranked. This feature teaches users how to interpret search results and adjust their queries.

This upgrade allows brands and enterprises to study each result’s relevance signals and use the insights to improve their SERP ranking strategy. Linking your page to other sites that use the same search terms is a key piece of information.

This Google update improves UX.

The result is like Google’s Knowledge Graph or information box. Instead of specific themes, it lists related websites. This lets people check the site before going, get search context, and decide if the information is valuable before clicking.

Google will roll out an “About the Topic” feature that shows top news coverage or search results on the same topic. This is part of Google’s media literacy initiative to: Avoid filter bubbles by gathering information from other trustworthy sources.

How Google’s Update Affects Your Site

As a professional SEO company with proven years of experience, SEO heroes will help you to break down the panel’s key search details. So, you can see if your website is ready. If not, you might need the help of an SEO agency to enhance your “About This Result” content information to attract and convert visitors.

Why You need to Leverage on Google's "About This Result" Update


This Google data box gives visitors their exact-match terms. If your page ranks in the SERP, it will contain searchers’ keywords. Keep in mind how often Google updates search results and how this impacts your SEO strategies. After an update, Google may locate more relevant pages than yours.

SEO Agencies recommend that you keep keyword-targeted content fresh. Covert SEO Agency may edit a 2020 post on top an SEO trends to reflect developments since then.


Keyword optimisation can improve an online presence. To meet search intent, Google will also look for pages that contain relevant phrases that match the specific terms. You may boost your Google ranking by writing content that covers similar topics. Insert matching and related search phrases into a long article.


Google notifies searchers if other sites are linked to your page using similar phrases as the one they entered. This proves your link-building activities are helping your SEO. If this portion is missing from your Google information box panel, check your approach.

Why You need to Leverage on Google's "About This Result" Update

Local SEO

If your firm has many locations or serves certain areas, you must include “near me” keywords. Google will categorise your content as local if you have a local SEO strategy. More searchers who find your page useful and relevant to their location or state boosts your business’s search engine exposure.

What Next?

How often does Google change search results? This question is vital for improving About This Result panel content. Here are a few modifications you may make to boost your Google ranking and About This Result content:

  • Off-page SEO: you can make a Wikipedia entry. Although, Wikipedia editors frown on commercial entries. Ask an SEO agency whether it suits your approach.
  • Link-building: Increase link exchanges while also providing valuable content to your audience.
  • Keywords: Set a Google alert for your desired keywords or topics, monitor search results, and uncover rivals’ content gaps.
  • Local SEO: Develop high-quality listings and citations.
  • On-page SEO: Under About the Result, write a brief, straightforward explanation of your company and/or website.

If your site doesn’t use HTTPS, it’s time to switch to a secure domain. You may set up a Google alert for each term or topic you follow to monitor fresh results.

Get Results

If you follow the steps above, your pages should rank for relevant keywords. Check the “About the Result” section for accuracy. If not, find the chances and risks in your current plan and decide how to move forward. This will increase your online visibility and searcher interest. Work with an SEO agency that knows how to handle Google’s changes to increase sales and income.

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