Live streaming, webinars and tutorials, oh my!

Multimedia is a super important part of your image and building a reputation of being someone to know, like and trust but yet video and audio are often are an after-thought for most budding entrepreneurs. When you’ve worked as hard as you have on your business, you deserve to look and sound every bit of the classy, polished professional that you are.

Wildcard’s Media services do just that. The world is an imperfect place– and that’s okay! Luckily there’s almost always a way to take your content from GOOD to GREAT!

Trust me, no one nails it on the first try.

Mistakes happen– you say the wrong word, trip up at the wrong time, or maybe your equipment decided to go wonky (technology rarely plays nice when you’re counting on it!) Don’t waste your precious time doing take after take. I’ll have you fixed up in no time.

Take your video clips from drab to fab with:

Video Enhancements

Does your coloring look a bit off? Lighting not quite right? Color grating is the answer you’re looking for.

Video Editing

Say goodbye to mistakes and mishaps. Video editing will leave your clip looking and sounding seamlessly perfect.

Custom Intros & Outros

Spice up your video with custom music, animation, text.. Whatever you can dream up to tell your audience in and begging to watch more.

Special Effects

Brand your videos with your logo, website, and other crucial information, or add some dazzle for added interest and interactivity.

If I had a dollar for every time a cellphone went off at the worst time or a mic picked up some extraneous background noise, I could shut this website down right now and retire.

Sometimes you have no idea your audio recording is even being disrupted… Until you listen to it days later, expecting to hear golden brilliance but are assaulted by a popping microphone, heavy breathing and static instead. Even the most professional recording set ups can’t battle against the natural ambiance of the room.

Audio blips and noises can create a distracting environment for your listeners. Instead of hearing your beautiful voice dropping knowledge bombs, they’re more focused on adjusting their volume from clip to clip.

Show off the silky smoothness of your authoritative voice with:

Audio Remastering

Get uniform sound across all your audio clips and crystal clear vocals.

Vocal Enhancement

Woo them with your words. Vocal Enhancement gives your natural vocal talent a boost and battles less-than-perfect conditions, leaving you sounding like a total pro.

Audio Editing

Literal mic drop? Lost or cut off sound? Heavy breathing or just plain saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Audio editing will be your savior.

Custom Intros, Outros & Special Effects

Brand your videos with your logo, website, and other crucial information, or add some dazzle for added interest and a unique start and end for your clips and all the sound effects you can dream up in between. This option will add jazz up your clips and pull your listener into what you have to say.

A good photo is worth a thousand words, but a great photo can be worth thousands of $.

As visual creatures, we’re naturally drawn to pretty images. When you’re packaging yourself up and showcasing your business, your photos need to be on point.

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen to interfere with that– an outdoor shoot done on a cloudy day, lighting that doesn’t do its job highlighting your beautiful face, or slight imperfections like reflective light glares, wrinkles in clothing, or the dark circles that all of us entrepreneurs wear as a badge of honor for all of our sleepless nights.

Put your best foot (and face!) forward by choosing from the following photo services:

Photo Editing & Enhancements

Bad lighting, composition and those tiny little details that just bother the heck out of you will be magically taken away at the wave of my magic Wacom Stylus wand.

Photo Manipulation

Need to add your product to a photo? Or maybe your business partner is camera shy and bailed at the last minute. If your photos are missing a little something, I’ll get it in there and you’ll never notice the difference.

Photo Restoration

Feeling nostalgic for an old photo that is in desperate need of some TLC? My photo restoration services will have it looking like new in no time.

Photo Collage

Turn your favorite photos into a creative montage. Great for gifts, decor or anything else you can dream up.